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Professional  Development


How ready is your staff?

The more your staff are aware, the more comfortable and empowered they feel when completing their work tasks. Many teachers face frustrations because they aren't well prepared to handle the classroom crisis or dissect the minds of the students and parents they interact with. Truthfully, they shouldn't have to but in today's time, thorough preparation is a necessity. 

Like educators, the "fire" in professional and school counselors is burning out. A lot of counselors are afraid to demonstrate their best practices because they don't feel confident in their assessment process or ability to connect and build a good rapport.   

Let S Brown Counseling help bridge those gaps. 

S Brown Counseling offers a variety of trainings or workshops to assist with learning how to successfully handle maladaptive behaviors and connect with your clientele. My workshops and trainings are approved by NCC and the Missouri Department of Professional Registration to offer continuing education units for social workers, educators and counselors.

 There is also, the B-SAS or Brown Self Awareness Survey. A tool I designed to help build rapport and assess without the stigma of mental illness or shaming. Click on events to take my workshop or send an email to hire me privately to train your staff on how to properly use the B-SAS.

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Lets improve our community by improving our professionals 



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Workshops and trainings are priced per hour. 

There is a 25% deposit due at the time of signing. Remaining balances are due on the day of the workshop. 

For more information on contracts, internships, supervision,  or the B-SAS, please send an email to

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